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Prof. Dr. Bertram Häussler

Professor Bertram Häussler is a medical doctor and sociologist. In 2002 he was appointed honorary professor for the subject Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry at the Institute of Economics and Business Law (IVWR) of Faculty VII (Economics and Management) at the TU Berlin.

Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

“Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry” is the field which uses industrial economic methods in the special context of the pharmaceutical industry. The central question is whether or not the performance of this industry is satisfactory for public welfare.

Market structures, market conduct as well as the basic conditions are considered as the determinating factors.
The approach is primary empirical. Numerous examples for empirical analyses will be pooled from the wide range of IGES research work.

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Professor Dr. Bertram Häussler

Prof. Dr. Bertram Häussler

Bertram Häussler is a medical doctor and sociologist. He has been teaching "Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry" at the Department of Economics and Business Law (IVWR), Faculty VII (Economy and Management) at the Technical University (TU) Berlin since 2002.

He is the head of the IGES Group, an association of research and consulting companies in the fields of infrastructure and health. The core of the IGES Group is the IGES Institut , founded in 1980, which he has managed as Chairman of the Board since 2006 and as Managing Director since 1990.

His scientific focus is on industrial economics, health economics, health services research, benefit assessment and drug development in the national and international context as well as digitalisation of the health care system. Prof. Häussler is a member of several professional societies for pharmacology, drug application research and quality assurance in medicine.