• Prof. Bertram Häussler – Ökonomik der pharmazeutischen Industrie
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Structure of the Teaching Course

The teaching course is structured by the the major topics of industrial economics. Each unit discusses the most important aspects.

„Industrial Economics of the Pharmaceutical Sector“ deals with the most important economical aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and is practice oriented. The lectures describe the competitive structure of pharmaceutical markets as well as characterising the various types of pharmaceutical producers. A further key aspect of the lectures is the special significance of innovative competition for the pharmaceutical industry and its association with patent protection. Methods of clinical and economical assessment of pharmaceuticals will also be presented. Furthermore the impact of regulations will be discussed as well as the various strategies employed by the pharmaceutical industry for profit maximisation.

The tutorials serve to consolidate the study material.
Besides providing further information on the lecture topics, they will show research results, deepening the subject matter on the basis of empirical evaluation.

The seminar offered in the summer semester gives the opportunity to focus on individual aspects of the teaching course. This will be done in the form of systematic reviews, econometric analysis of provided data sets or answers to specific questions regarding the drug market and its regulation. Participation for this seminar is limited.


Structure Teaching Course "Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry" (TU Berlin)